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Bathtub Reglazing Cherry Hill NJ

Bathtub Reglazing in Toms River New Jersey


Bathtub Reglazing Toms River NJ

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or want to refresh an old one, bathtub reglazing in Toms River New Jersey may be the answer. After all, like many other things in a home, your shower or bath can start to look tired over time. Soap scum, dirt, hair, and scratches build up, and not even a thorough cleaning can remove all the blemishes over time. In fact, both a tub and the surrounding tile can get scratched by abrasive cleaners or other tools.

Bathtub Reglazing in Toms River New Jersey

When the bathroom looks tired, many people consider replacing their bathtubs. However, bathtub reglazing Toms River NJ is usually less expensive and more practical. One reason for this is that you can reglaze your tub without removing it. This means that contractors won’t disturb other fixtures or structures in your home. Plus, you can avoid spending weeks in a hotel when you choose bathtub refinishing Toms River NJ.


Bathtub Reglazing in Toms River New Jersey

Of course, bathtub reglazing Toms River NJ also saves you money. Buying a new tub can cost a few hundred dollars, but expensive tubs run into the thousands. Even worse, when you remove a bathtub the remodeling company may need to cut the tub into pieces before dragging it out the door. This costs money. Worse, you may need to undergo major construction when the new tub gets installed. Besides which, if you have a beautiful clawfoot tub that you love, Toms River bathtub reglazing lets you have a gleaming bath without compromise.


Tub Reglazing in Toms River New Jersey

Finally, it’s important to remember that reglazing your tub requires a high level of skill. If the glaze isn’t applied properly, you won’t get good results. Peeling, bubbles, and other faults can shorten the life of your finishing job. For this reason, it’s always worthwhile to hire a reputable refinishing company like A-1 Reglaze. You’ll be glad you did.


Bathtub Reglazing Toms River NJ

Here’s another reason to consider bathtub reglazing in Toms River New Jersey – you can achieve great results. For instance, you can give your whole bathroom a serious facelift just by making the tub shine like new. This is especially true when your tub is in good condition but has an awful avocado color. That’s right, you can get a modern-looking bathroom inexpensively through tub reglazing in Toms River New Jersey. Choose a white or off-white finish, or anything else you like. It’s your tub, so enjoy it. For even better results, get new paint on the walls and reglaze the sink. We’ll work with other companies for wall painting services.


Toms River Bathtub Reglazing

Houses aren’t the only places that can benefit from bathtub reglazing in Toms River New Jersey. For instance, many landlords will get this done between tenants. By reglazing the tub instead of replacing it, they can get a paying tenant back into the property sooner. Even better, because our company has a wide reach, we can work with landlords that have rentals in several places. For instance, any landlord in Ocean County could get bathtub refinishing in Lakewood NJ, not just Tom’s River.

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