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Bathtub Reglazing Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Bathtub Reglazing

If your house has a tired old bathtub that needs a facelift, think about bathtub reglazing Philadelphia. A1 Reglaze Tub and Tile Refinishing is a small local company dedicated to providing high quality, customer-friendly service to commercial and residential clients. We have perfected a business model that allows our customers to get competitive pricing, fast, accurate, estimates and easy scheduling. We proudly serve the Greater Philadelphia Area and nearby so give us a call!

Bathtub Reglazing Philadelphia

The cost of remodeling a bathroom or just a bathtub area can easily cost thousands of dollars, especially if you replace the fixtures. These projects take weeks, sometimes months to complete. Worse, these jobs often come with unexpected costs. However, Philadelphia bathtub reglazing will give your bathroom a refreshed look at a fraction of the price. These services are completed in just one day, without disturbing or damaging any plumbing or surrounding walls. Combined with affordable pricing, this service is a great value that many homeowners and property management companies take advantage of.

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Philadelphia Bathtub Reglazing

Speaking of property managers, bathtub reglazing Philadelphia is a great way to make any older rental shine like new. At A1, we will happily work with other contractors to complete a pre-rental renovation project. With a lot of older homes in Philly needing a facelift right now, making yours look presentable will help get it rented. After all, there’s nothing like a clean, well-maintained bathroom to help people see your unit as a place to call home. If you plan on selling your apartment or house, then making it look nice for the new owner is also a great way to boost its selling price.

Bathtub Reglazing in Philadelphia

Of course, tub reglazing Philadelphia PA isn’t just a way to spruce up rentals. Many people who have older houses will find that this is a great way to refresh a bathroom without paying a lot of money. One example is the house with colored tubs and sinks, which were popular several decades ago. These colors have the advantage of hiding a lot of dirt and grime, but they are out of fashion. With bathtub reglazing Philadelphia, a tub of any color can become white.

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Bathtub Reglazing Philadelphia

However, our services go beyond just bathtub refinishing Philadelphia. That’s because the reglazing technique can be applied to sinks, tiles, and more. Even if you have a limited budget, bathtub reglazing in Philadelphia is affordable. And since we typically finish a whole bathroom in a day, needing a hotel room overnight is unlikely. Not only is this convenient, but it makes that facelift even more economical.

Tub Reglazing Philadelphia PA

Finally, Philadelphia bathtub reglazing can be an opportunity to make your tub safer. As tubs get older, they sometimes develop cracks and chips. In some cases, A1 Reglazing can fill these cracks with a sealant during the refinishing process. Our qualified technicians will be able to discuss the possibilities with you after a thorough evaluation. Then, we will give you a no-hassle quote on the perfect solution for your bathroom. To get started, give us a call.

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A1 Reglaze specializes in the Reglaze / Refinish of bathtubs, sinks, tile, countertops, floors, cabinets and more. 

We service both the commercial and residential housing industries. Our customers include apartment management companies, individual homeowners, hospitals, schools, municipal buildings, commercial properties, senior housing, and more. 




Our back office has the bandwidth to communicate with dozens of multi-family management companies, who manage thousands of units across the tri-state. We understand the importance of turning units in a specific timeframe. Our job is to ensure you have an efficient “turn” process in place, where each vendor performs their job when they are suppose to.


Simplified and streamlined communication allows the property manager or the maintenance manager to reach out to us via text, phone call or e-mail and get an immediate response to schedule services.


Simple Pricing, Organized and Efficient Billing/ Order Confirmations 


Offering After-Hour Services as well as Weekends allow us to assist you in getting those unexpected, priority jobs done in time.


Easy scheduling, simple pricing, quick and user-friendly billing 


All of our technicians are professional, well-trained, punctual, and wear company uniforms when on-site. Real-time ETA available upon request to know exactly when technicians will be arriving to your property. 


Our formula for Top Quality Service consists of always investing in continuous education for our technicians, to make sure they are using the latest industry methods to provide environmentally safe, high-quality services to all of our customers.



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